Individual solutions

In the course of realizing industrial investments we frequently come across the so-called “oversize” installations. These are installations such as pipelines with diameter that exceeds all technical approvals available for fire protection systems. Furthermore, thickness and type of thermal insulation exceeds standards adopted in the systemic solutions and since they are flammable insulations it is of particular significance while installing fire protection systems in service penetrations.

With an aim of meeting the latest technologies we cooperate with the Fire Testing Department by the Building Research Institute (ITB) where, along with our key technology and fire protection system suppliers we carry out projects devoted to fire protection and subsequently, models of such protections which are then tested by the Fire Testing Department of the Building Research Institute. Our work leads to achieving its final outcome in the form of reports from fire tests and ITB opinions concerning the jointly introduced solutions for fire protection systems in such installations.

Obtaining ITB opinions and reports from ZBO tests enables us to prepare individual technical documentations which constitute the basis for correct execution of fire protection systems in case of “oversize” installations, simultaneously guaranteeing approval of such solutions in the course of investment handover by State Fire Brigade units.

Photos of sample realizations of fire protection systems in service penetrations with “oversize” installations: