Fire protection of service penetrations – sealing of service penetration sleeves

Fire protection of service penetrations through walls and ceilings of fire protection partition ensure continuity of protection of each slot in an object through which cables and pipes run. We design and implement tailor-made solutions for a given installation in order to hinder an uncontrolled spread of fire in crucial building points.

Fire protection of service penetrations –what do we usually seal?

Installations pass through various structural elements which constitute a fire partition zone. Thus, the strength of the whole structure is determined by tightness of the fire barrier in service penetration sleeves. We seal:

  • Pipe passages – heating, sewerage, water and gas systems
  • Passages of electrical cabling – cables, cable trays
  • Sealing of fire dampers – ventilation system
  • Combined passages – all types of installations in one hole
  • Passages of installations with non-standard dimensions (extending beyond technical approvals concerning fire protection systems) with elaborating individual technical documentation. Discover our individual solutions

What materials do we apply?

Selection of materials for effective fire protection for service penetrations is determined by a number of factors which requires combining various techniques. Therefore, it is worth it to entrust realization of individual safeguards of an installation with fire-fighting engineers.

What do we take into consideration?

  • Class of fire resistance of the partition on which the service penetration sleeves are performed
  • Compliance with Technical Conditions – the service penetration ought to have a resistance class equal to the requirements for the partition, thus, fire protection partition element.
  • Flammability/non-flammability of pipes and cables (plastic, steel, copper)
  • Type and thickness of insulation/lack of insulation on cables
  • Cables’ parameters (size, thickness, diameter)
  • Location of a given service penetration – wall/ceiling
  • Material of partition (concrete, plasterboard, brick, sandwich wall)

Types of materials for fire protection of service penetration sleeves:

  • Flammable elements: bands, fireproof sleeves, expanding inserts
  • Inflammable elements: paints, fireproof pulps, casings made from board, mineral wool
  • Well-established brands: Hilti, Promat

Cooperation with PROTECTOR is a guarantee of safe investment

  • We possess quality service certificates issued by Associations of Engineers and Fire-fighting Technicians
  • We specialize in designing and implementing non-standard fire protection safeguards for service penetrations in industrial objects.
  • We use solely attested materials from our trusted partners
  • We ensure individual solutions adjusted to the specificity of material in a given installation and the location of each service penetration.
  • Once our work is completed we provide documentation necessary for the handover of the building by Fire Brigade.

Fire protection of service penetrations – sample realizations

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