Fireproof protections for steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, wooden structures – sustain load capacity

Fire protections of steel and reinforced concrete structures or wooden structures are necessary in order to prevent the loss of load capacity of structure in several minutes from the fire outburst and thus, prolong the time of safe evacuation from the building and ensure safe conduct of the rescue and fire-extinguishing action. We select the type of protective materials after an in-depth analysis of the building specificity, fire resistance requirements and the object aesthetics concept.

Fireproof protections of steel and reinforced concrete structures allow to:

  • Ensure the proper fire resistance class of the structure which is required by law
  • Expand the time in which the structure material reaches critical temperature
  • Expand the possibilities of commencing a rescue and fire-extinguishing action
  • Slow down the process of fire spread

Fireproof protections of reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, wooden structures – new methods

Expanding paints
These are efficient, non-toxic and crack resistant layers that constitute efficient fireproof protections of steel, reinforced concrete and wooden structures in fire resistance classes R15-R120. A thin layer of paint bulges at temperature >100°C, ensuring safe insulation against the spread of fire and the required by investor colour range. We apply layers on clean surface covered with anti-corrosion primer paint.

Fireproof boards
Construction of the structure made of impregnated gypsum boards coated with glass fibre works best in objects with high requirements of fire resistance class R30-R240. We mount constructions from boards on all elements of the supporting structure of a building.
The choice of type and thickness of the boards is determined by the massiveness of individual construction elements (U/A) The material ensure effective acoustic insulation and offers extensive possibilities of arranging the area development.

Fireproof sprinklers
It is a light, uniquely leak-free material of fireproof protection of steel, reinforced concrete or wooden structures. Thanks to applying the sprinkler method it adjusts to non-standards internal and external structure layouts. Plasticity of mortar allows to adjust the thickness of layer to the required fire resistance class in full range R15-R240. Thus, it is a useful solution in case of objects from the utility industry as well as those operating in the heavy industry.

PROTECTOR – chose experience and verified solutions

  • We possess service quality certificates issued by Associations of Engineers and Fire-fighting Technicians
  • We advise in the scope of selection of optimal materials for steel, reinforced concrete and wooden structure fireproof protections for a given object function
  • We use attested systems supplied by our trusted partners
  • We have many-years-long experience in implementing passive systems of fire protection in industrial objects and utility objects in the area of Wrocław and its vicinity.

FP of steel, reinforced concrete structure in practice

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